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Frequently Asked Questions

This site hasn't lived enough to generate frequently asked questions. If you have a question please do contact us.


I can't find the product I want. What do I do?

Do send us a mail with as much details of the product as possible, we may be able to assist your search.


How come only Japanese companies can Register?

If you are a foreign company looking for market in Japan, Click Here


I send a message, there is no response?

There are a few reasons why you may experience delay in response from a Japanese company.
The most common might be that time is needed to translate your message as well as a response.
The other may be that the company in question has no experience in exporting to your country and is studying the feasibility.
In any case, if you are in a hurry and do send us a mail, we may be able to inquire about the position of your message.
There is no guarantee but we will try to assist.


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