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Noboru-kun LS-Series (Lifters) The aerial work platform
Noboru-kun LS-Series (Lifters)
SIP Co., Ltd

Liquid Deodorant [ NIOINONNO ] NIOINONNO is fast acting and just one spray can instantly deodorize any bad smells in and out of the house (including from clothes, cigarettes, pets, bathrooms, etc.) and from livestock.
Liquid Deodorant [ NIOINONNO ]
Flora Co., Ltd.

Protect S1 For Athletes The skin protection cream
Protect S1 For Athletes
Earth-Blue Inc

Precision Granite Surface Plate Precision Surface Plate using granite gabbro 
It is very hard and superior in wear resistance. secular distortion is minimal, it does not rust, as well as other advantages. 
In addition to standard products, we also manufacture with special measurements, hole drilling, screw machining, etc. 
We can also make special mounts using square pipe.
Precision Granite Surface Plate
Obishi Keiki Seisakusho

PROTECT FUJIYAMA If applied before wet work, dirty work and sports etc, a protective membrane is formed on the skin to powerfully protect it against 3 types of skin troubles!

This is a FUJISAN design of the powerful skin protection cream used in hospitals, beauty saloons, factories and the self defense forces etc.
Earth-Blue Inc

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Silver Industrial Corporation logo Silver Industrial Corporation
Ko-372,Aza-Wakamiya,Kaminozoki-Machi, Nagaoka Niigata, Japan, 940-2033
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Main Business Lines

Silver Industrial Corporation manufactures Printed Circuit boards for all applications using the latest Technology in this field.
Our Head Office in Japan
Our Head office in Japan is always in hand to ensure our products meets your requirements to the letter. With two factories in Japan, we are equiped to produce highest quality PCBs at your specification at minimum lead time.

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New Products & Services

OEM Manufacturing of PCBs
OEM Manufacturing of PCBs
We undertake OEM manufacturing of all kinds of PCBc for all applications including computer main boards for major computer manufacturers in Japan, Main control boards for medical equipment for AMP corporation, printer drivers etc.

Contact Information for Silver Industrial Corporation

Company Name: Silver Industrial Corporation
Contact Person: Mr Kobayasi
Address: Ko-372,Aza-Wakamiya,Kaminozoki-Machi, Nagaoka Niigata, Japan, 940-2033
Phone: +81-258-46-4866
Fax: +81-258-47-2467
E-mail: Send Message