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Dear Sir, I am the external sales manager of xxx yyy zzz co.,Ltd in China.The main products of our company include a various kinds of cylinders,Standard Cylinder,Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder,Aluminum Alloy Mini Cylinder,HSC series ISO6430 Standard Cylinder, HSC Series ISO6430 Standard Cylinder Accesory. And I got to know that your main products also include cylinders through "goole".If you are interested in our products in the attachent, please contact us by E-mail.
Dear Sirs,
xxx yyy zzz co., located in Tainan,Taiwan. We speciliaze in tooling design and fabricate, cooperate for metal die casting, already cooperate with Canon camera parts.Harley motorcycle and automotive components.Pls feed back your contact email, we will send more of our company and abiality to you imm.
hello. I am a manufacturer here in Changchun, China, which deals in telephoto lens, wide angle lens. we had top quality with professional staff leader--senior engineer of Tokina. we had exported our products to Canada, USA, etc. more information www.xxxyyyzzz.xx I am looking forward to ur response. thanks
xxx yyy zzz Limited, a well recognize manufacturer, had been exporting more than 20 years to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We export the latest high technical computerised machines for cutting, pressing, marking, nailing, and other specific industry wood and aluminium requirements to make trusses and frames for house buildings, commercial buildings and other constructions uses. Sometimes we also export under customers’ brand if requested. However, our machines are well equipped to be used in any part of the world.
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