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Protect X2
Earth-Blue Inc
Nishikigoi (Carps)
Japan Koi Export
Protect S1 For Athletes
Earth-Blue Inc
Protect X1
Earth-Blue Inc
Order made work platforms
SIP Co., Ltd
Ultra Precision Straight Edge and Squares
Obishi Keiki Seisakusho
Japanese Pull Saws
Ikeda Tools Co., Ltd
Protect X2
Earth-Blue Inc
Top-Tooth Cutting Machine
Nakaya Co. Ltd
Featured products made in Japan Featured Products
Digital Curvimeter Digital Curvimeter     (Koizumi Sokki Mfg. Co., Ltd)
The COMCURVE-8 makes it possible to measure lines of any shape or any scale factor easily with slmple operatlon. All you have to do is put the trace point of the equipment on the .......
Order made work platforms Order made work platforms     (SIP Co., Ltd)
In adition to our standard products, we design and manufacture work decks to meet the customers demands in terms of capacity, size, use environment etc. Feel free to discuss any r.......
Knitting Machine Parts Knitting Machine Parts     (Kondo Seiki Co., Ltd)
Cams, mimingers and feeders In reply to our customers' requirements for complicated patterning, we are in a position to manufacture circular knitting machine parts of a wide varie.......
Noboru-kun LS-Series (Lifters) Noboru-kun LS-Series (Lifters)     (SIP Co., Ltd)
The aerial work platform "Noboru-kun" is our standard product. In addition to the standard sizes, we have self propelled models as we well as types that are movable manually and .......
Precision Granite Surface Plate Precision Granite Surface Plate     (Obishi Keiki Seisakusho)
Precision Surface Plate using granite gabbro It is very hard and superior in wear resistance. secular distortion is minimal, it does not rust, as well as other advantages. In a.......