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Water Jet Nozzle and Plunger
Kondo Seiki Co., Ltd
Digital Planimeter
Koizumi Sokki Mfg. Co., Ltd
Full Automatic Saw Cutting Machine NC-3 Model
Nakaya Co. Ltd
Angle Measuring Equipment
Obishi Keiki Seisakusho
Kimono Dress
Nomi (Chisels)
Ikeda Tools Co., Ltd
Straightness Measuring Instruments
Obishi Keiki Seisakusho
Handy Belt Sander
Shinto Sangyo Co., Ltd
Maru Nomi (Carving Tools)
Ikeda Tools Co., Ltd
Featured products made in Japan Featured Products
Protect X2 Protect X2     (Earth-Blue Inc)
The skin protection cream Protect X2 has protection effect on three types of skin troubles, same with Protect X1. Rough dry skin (especially rough hand) Penetration of dirt and .......
Precision V Blocks Precision V Blocks     (Obishi Keiki Seisakusho)
2 block make up one set. Parallelism of base and V groove of the 2 blocks is assured. Very convenient for round objects, and other types of inspection or as supporting block (Rec.......
Hocho - Akifusa Japanese Knives (2) Hocho - Akifusa Japanese Knives (2)     (Ikeda Tools Co., Ltd)
Description: We offer a broad range of Japanese kitchen knives. Thanks to the high art of Japanese blacksmithing, the aesthetics, cutting sharpness and edge life of these kitchen k.......
Precision Square Levels Precision Square Levels     (Obishi Keiki Seisakusho)
For precision inspection, this product is a JIS mark display permitted Grade A product. The main bubble tube has a bubble chamber in which the lenght of the bubble can be adjuste.......
Kimono Dress Kimono Dress     (Habuki)
We design and manufacture traditional Kimono dress specially made for each customer. Traditional Kimono is for that elegant ceremony in which you wish to look different. In fact .......