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Precision V Blocks
Obishi Keiki Seisakusho
Protect UV+
Earth-Blue Inc
Nishikigoi (Carps)
Japan Koi Export
Protect UV+
Earth-Blue Inc
Solenoid Valves
Kondo Seiki Co., Ltd
Traditional Dresser
Placade Japan Co, ltd
Protect X2
Earth-Blue Inc
Order made work platforms
SIP Co., Ltd
Ultra Precision Straight Edge and Squares
Obishi Keiki Seisakusho
Featured products made in Japan Featured Products
Natural Food Supplement [NIOWONDERFUL] Natural Food Supplement [NIOWONDERFUL]     (Flora Co., Ltd.)
This natural food supplement can be used as a trump card when upmarketing and differentiating your fish, chickens, pigs, cows, etc. \r\n No complicated preparation is required. Jus.......
Water Jet Nozzle and Plunger Water Jet Nozzle and Plunger     (Kondo Seiki Co., Ltd)
Plungers, nozzles and change valves, which are regarded as the heart of the water jet, have been improved in quality individually at our plant. Corrosion-proof and durable mater.......
Precision Granite Surface Plate Precision Granite Surface Plate     (Obishi Keiki Seisakusho)
Precision Surface Plate using granite gabbro It is very hard and superior in wear resistance. secular distortion is minimal, it does not rust, as well as other advantages. In a.......
Kimono Dress Kimono Dress     (Habuki)
We design and manufacture traditional Kimono dress specially made for each customer. Traditional Kimono is for that elegant ceremony in which you wish to look different. In fact .......
Intelligent Planimeter Intelligent Planimeter     (Koizumi Sokki Mfg. Co., Ltd)
The KP-21C is a new era of planimeter technology. Revolutionary and Enhanced Functions. PLOT-key tracking device with easy One-Touch action. Advanced features for exceptional co.......