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Protect UV+
Earth-Blue Inc
Precision Square Levels
Obishi Keiki Seisakusho
Hocho - Akifusa Japanese Knives (1)
Ikeda Tools Co., Ltd
Order made work platforms
SIP Co., Ltd
Protect X1
Earth-Blue Inc
Full Automatic Saw Cutting Machine NC-3 Model
Nakaya Co. Ltd
Liquid Deodorant [ NIOINONNO ]
Flora Co., Ltd.
Handy Belt Sander
Shinto Sangyo Co., Ltd
Kimono Dress
Featured products made in Japan Featured Products
Work Deck Work Deck     (SIP Co., Ltd)
Multi-purpose work platforms mounted on trucks for various high height works. Easily loaded unto trucks and dump trucks over 3 tons.
Noboru-kun LS-Series (Lifters) Noboru-kun LS-Series (Lifters)     (SIP Co., Ltd)
The aerial work platform "Noboru-kun" is our standard product. In addition to the standard sizes, we have self propelled models as we well as types that are movable manually and .......
Protect S1 For Athletes Protect S1 For Athletes     (Earth-Blue Inc)
The skin protection cream "Protect S1" has the same ingredients, structure and effects of "X1". When "Protect S1" is applied before their activities, its ingredients penetrate int.......
If applied before wet work, dirty work and sports etc, a protective membrane is formed on the skin to powerfully protect it against 3 types of skin troubles! This is a FUJISAN d.......
Plant Vitalizer (Granule HB-101) Plant Vitalizer (Granule HB-101)     (Flora Co., Ltd.)
Granule HB-101 is a natural plant vitalizer effective for growing various kinds of plants and is made from essences of such long-lived trees as cedars, Japanese cypress, and pines .......